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 2017-09-02, 13:10
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BIOS Flashing 101
Hello Guys,

BIOS - Basic Input / Output System - Used to control various features of the CMOS.

POST - Power On Self Test - Pretty self explanatory. Når maskinen startes, begynner maskinen å teste maskinvaren for å sikre at den er brukbar. Foutieve hardware kan resulteren in een mislukte POST, freezing of no boot at all.

CMOS - Complementary Metal Oxid Semiconductor - The actual computer chip that stores the BIOS, its settings, and code needed to run your hardware. B2B Marketing Examples create multiple touch points in businesses. Flashing a BIOS is useful for adding support or new hardware, such as CPUs, and solving issues such as the motherboard being picky with what RAM it will and will not take, regardless of whether the kit is on the supported / recommended list.

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