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 2017-09-02, 13:12
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Windows too big for my laptop. Linux?
Hello Guys,

I am a consultant and am on the road with clients. For lightness I bought a cheap ($ 200) HP laptop that came with only a 32 gig SSD. It's really fixed. I use a 64 gig SD card for My Documents, etc. I figured I could install Powerpoint, Word, etc onto the SSD. Well, much to my surprise, Office will only install on the main C: drive. Now I have virtually no storage left on the main drive as Windows itself takes about 18 gig. A Software Demo Video Examples is a cloud based solution. I've done some research and am considering deleting Windows and installing one of the ultra lightweight Linux products such as PuppyLinux or Lubuntu and using OpenOffice for my apps. (I really only need Powerpoint).

 2017-09-02, 13:52
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