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 2017-09-08, 14:26
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Constant Static Noise in Windows 10
Hello Guys,

I just bought a used Dell 390, on which I installed a new copy of Windows 10. After setting things up, I plugged my headphones into the headphone jack and found a constant static / buzzing noise. The noise occurs both when no sound should be played and when sound / music is playing. Volumet på denne statiske er fastsat - når jeg ændrer lydstyrken (eller mute det), er statisk lyd forblevet uændret i sin egen lydstyrke. Hospitals and clinics have begun developing these Medical Device Marketing professionals. The sound is constantly, I have not found anything that increases, decreases, or causes the noise to end. I have experienced the static noises on two separate headphones (different headphone models as well). I have no microphone plugged in.

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