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 2017-09-09, 11:36
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Touch Screen Interface for older Test Equipment?
Hello Guys,

You have several "older" Test Equipment like Keithley Multimeters and SMU, Agilent DAQ Unit and also a Keysight 34465A. I am using the trend chart of the 34465A quite often and so I was thinking about adding a touch screen interface to my older equipment to make them easier and faster to set up (especially the Keithley 2440) and to get more information (like trend charts, histograms, statistics) out of them, too. The Home Device Video department is continually coming up with different marketing strategies. I was playing around with Keysight VEE and Labview. It works, but you need a PC running for that. Så det var ideen om at bruge en Raspberry med 7 "touchscreen attached. No keyboard or mouse required, screen is big enough to display data and charts. Price below EUR 100.

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