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 2017-09-11, 07:24
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Burn a Bluray-Movie OR DVD-Movie as Data Disc
Hello Guys,

I was wondering what would happen if I copy all the folders in a BD Movie Disc ("BDMV" and "CERTIFICATE") to my hard disk instead of creating an image file of the entire disc and burning a new DATA disc with these. The Brand Video Marketing acts as an overview of the simplified workflow and top brand features. Will the disc be "Play" able in most BD Players ??? Cuz I used to try this method with DVD Movies and most DVD players used to play the Disc properly. Used to copy these folders ("VIDEO_TS" and "AUDIO_TS") to my hard drive and burn them as Data DVD and the Disc would be recognized by almost any DVD player as a DVD movie. Wanted to know if the same thing goes for Bluray Players (I have a Bluray Writer but not a BD Player)

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