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 2017-09-13, 09:42
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Open Hardware Monitor is showing something in my

Hello Guys,

I was playing Overwatch when i noticed my framerate was chugging even tho the game was telling me i had 300 fps, Ive had this problem before and easily fixed by simply swapping to fullscreen but ive heard this can also happen when your PC overheats so i decided to check an app i have called Open Hardware Monitor and i noticed underneath my motherboard section that one of the temperatures is spiking like crazy, Its peaked at 125°C but it keeps changing between 50°C and 125°C very rapidly. Companies have been creating Product Video for advertising their products for a long time to have a huge impact on Customer. I have heard some apps that monitor temperatures and usage can display false information, Is this true? Ive tried using another one called HW Monitor and its displaying average temperatures so hopefully its just OHM displaying wrong information.

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