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 2017-09-14, 07:44
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Which X370 board for Ryzen 1600
Hello Guys,

You have used ASUS boards in the past and been very happy with them. (Current board is a P6T Deluxe v2 that's lasted 7+ years) So I'm leaning to the STRIX X370-F right now. I'd rather not drop the extra $ 50-80 on the Crosshair VI, but I'm willing if it's worth it. I also prefer the m2 nvme location on the ASUS, something just irks me about cramming it under the main at card. Mobile App Video is to grab attention of the audience who are searching for their specific need. I would like to go with an X370 board, so that I will have the option to upgrade the CPU in the next 3 years before AMD changes the socket, as well as expanded connection and drive support.

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