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 2017-11-14, 11:36
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HDD failed, ready to replace & add new mSATA SSD

Hello Guys,

I have a Lenovo IdeaPad Y500 model laptop that originally had a Samsung Spinpoint 5400RPM 1TB HDD + 16GB SSD mSATA drive (for cache only). The original drive failed a few days ago, so I have decided to not only replace the new "spinning" drive with a 7200RPM model but I also bought a Samsung 850 EVO mSATA 128GB drive that I want to make the primary boot drive with the OS/programs. All I have done thus far is inserted both drives into the laptop so they are completely blank, haven't formatted or anything. I did go into the BIOS and it shows both recognized. Unfortunately, when I decided to create recovery USB media the original Spinpoint drive was already at 70% drive health with some disk errors according to Acronis Drive Monitor. Yes, I know very stupid to wait... I didn't receive any errors while creating the recovery media but I am skeptical on the stability of all of the recovery media that is contained on that USB flash drive. Video Intro can be a solid and sophisticated way to attract and connect with your target audience. Anyway, what option should I take to make the mSATA SSD the primary boot drive with the OS and programs and the 1TB as the data only drive for everything else? I have been reading a lot of threads at the Lenovo forums suggesting cloning with Paragon Backup & Recovery and also Paragon Migrate OS to SSD programs, however in this case I have both drives completely blank and basically starting from scratch.


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