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 2017-11-25, 10:50
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XFX 6870 + GPU-Z

Hello Guys,

On the weekend I picked up an XFX HD 6870 Black Ed card to replace my HD 4850. I had been playing CoD Black Ops to check out the performance. There was a noticeable difference,  but at times there was some lag. Tonight I dl'd GPU-Z to see what spec's it reported.  On the main tab it does show the core clock of 900 and memory clock of 1050, which is the card's specs. Checking on the sensor tab, it is showing a core clock of only 300. I left GPU-z running in logging mode while I played some single player Black Ops. Product Demo Animation are used to showcase the key info about the product and its benefits. The GPU-z report displays that the core clock never moved from 300. Is there a problem with GPU-Z, am I not using it properly, or is there a possible problem with the card?


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