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 2017-11-25, 10:54
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Display Driver is ruining my computer

Hello Guys,

My laptop is approximately a year old, running Windows 7. Ever since I've had it, the display driver has been crashing occasionally, resulting in a few seconds of black screen, then a pop-up error message. Just recently, however, it has become so frequent that my laptop is borderline unusable. It will happen at least once every couple of minutes, especially when doing CPU intensive things like gaming online. In addition, it is now causing "bluescreens", with an error message something along the lines of "Attempt to restart display driver has failed". Product Marketing Ads is method of communication about the promotion of a product in an attempt to induce potential customers to purchase the product. I don't have much experience with PC's, having been a Mac user for most of my life, so I have no idea how to fix it. I have an NVIDIA GeForce 260M, 64-bit OS. I have tried installing updates, upgrading from Windows Vista, and uninstalling the driver and downloading a new one straight from NVIDIA, but the problem keeps getting worse. Any solution or help would be greatly appreciated.


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