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 2017-11-27, 11:29
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Norton Security: Computer lockup, blame Symantec?

Hello Guys,

Last night while sleeping, my system locked on me.  I was listening to online Coast2CoastAM (David Blume interview, one of my favorite minds).  Some time after I crashed the system locked and I had to power cycle the system. Another issue is if I let the monitor sleep and have, for security, have Win7 require my password, my keyboard won't enter any information and I also have to power cycle. I suspect that some software I added within the last couple months could be to blame, so I was wondering, my ISP provides Norton and is part of something they call Constant Guard.  I started having problems at about the time I installed them. Brands and companies have the power to share their values and identity through series of Advertising Campaign Animation. The system hasn't locked on me until last night, when I was running Windows Media Player for online Coast2CoastAM.


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