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 2017-11-27, 11:31
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Motherboard caught fire after system battery

Hello Guys,

RAM (4 sticks,) video card, CPU all checked out fine in another system. I breadboarded (kept in CPU/heat sink/fan, 1 stick RAM, video card, PS) and checked the following: If I took out all the RAM, I would get the correct beep code for no RAM.  This was true with or without video card in. If I put the RAM back in (any stick, even known working stick from another machine,) I would get no beep code - no POST - and no video, either.  This is true with or without video card in. I also used a multimeter to test power supply.  It fell into tolerances, but I know that's not the be all and end all. I did some Googling and decided to reset the CMOS as some people said they had success with this.  I figured the battery was old, so while I was at it I put in a new battery. Animated Product Launch included in a product launch strategy makes it brilliant and great start is by marketers creating for their companies. As soon as I plugged in and turned on the power supply, the board started up on its own, without me needing to short the Power On pins.  This was not the case prior to changing the battery.  Before that, it DID require that I short the Power On pins to start up.  As soon as it started up, the board caught fire between the battery and the CMOS jumper pins.


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