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 2017-11-28, 09:18
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Windows 7 Fonts faded after installing graphic car

Hello Guys,

After installing a NVIDIA Ge Force graphic card to replace the original on board card and after setting a higher resolution ( 1360 X 768), the fonts have become more faded , in some cases the text shows bluish/purple fonts alternating with the black ones. Generally, the aspect of the fonts has changed all over, including the Menu bars.They are no longer solid black and well defined and the text is harder to read. I am using a Panasonic 32" TV screen as the computer monitor. Marketing is about positioning and communicating your unique value to a very specific audience and that's exactly what a Corporate Promotional Animation does. This TV screen has never given me any font problem until I changed the resolution from 1024 X768 (with the integrated card) to a higher resolution with the new card. The computer is oldish, with an Asrock  P4i65G MB. It works otherwise  fine.

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