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 2017-11-29, 08:59
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Video card\PSU - long

Hello Guys,

PC slowed down and had some PC locking up with what seemed to be driver issues (via WhoCrashed software).  She had been running my GTS 250 when I was testing her video card (9600).  Her 9600 worked fine for me but about a month ago she started to have issues with losing video signal with the 250 - mainly on reboots.  LCD light would be green then go amber as it has no signal - it would take several reboots for the signal to come back.  I even used a program to check the video ram and another to check the GPU temps which were fine (50 C or so running CUDA).  Also tried several different drivers from nVidia. Animated Brand Video are being used by leading and startup companies to reach to their audience and market themselves. Last time this happened (2 months ago or so) I reseated the video card and things worked well till about a month ago.


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