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 2017-11-29, 12:01
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People over 45 must not be missed!
On November 16, 2017, guangzhou - November each year is the international focus on lung cancer, on November 17, 17 of the arrival of the "international day of lung cancer, by the China association of popular science propaganda department, the family doctor online hosting, Johnson &johnson medical assisting in lung cancer prevention and control of the popular science activities held in guangzhou. First affiliated hospital of guangzhou medical university jian-xing he dean Chen gang thoracic surgery, guangdong people's hospital, sun yat-sen university, director of the cancer prevention and treatment of thoracic lan-jun zhang first affiliated hospital of guangzhou medical university and director of radiology yu-bao guan director to participate in the activities, called for the revival of early lung cancer screening awareness, and promote "love lung plan" further carried out locally. The new type of minimally invasive surgery, such as autonomous breathing anesthesia, can even be discharged a day or two after surgery, without affecting normal work and life.
China's veritable "first cancer" -- lung cancer
Since 1985, lung cancer has been the highest incidence and mortality of malignancies worldwide. According to the latest statistics of 2017, the number of new lung cancer patients reached 800,000, which is the veritable "first cancer" in China! The result is that lung cancer is growing at a rate of 26.9 per cent a year, with the number of people dying of lung cancer expected to be close to 1 million by 2025.
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