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 2017-12-01, 10:34
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[motherboard] Mbrd, memory, CPU

Hello Guys,

I have a Gigabyte board, a GA-MA-770UD3 Rev. 1.0.  About a year ago it was sent back to Giga because the system stopped working, they kept it, worked on it, and shipping it back.  At that same time I had to move from one state to another in a sudden, hardship move, which added to complicate things, in case that will help any of your coming questions. Processor is a Phenom II Heka 710 early tri core that never seemed to like being messed with, at all.  It couldn't overclock even a few megas. After getting the board back and reassembling the system worked, but after it arrived from shipping to my new home, it wouldn't work again.  As the board had been worked on, I decided to swap RAM around, use single sticks, and so forth, and it briefly worked with one of the sticks in the board alone. Industrial Product Videos includes some of the world's most complex and diverse robotics and machinery, that assist in easing the manufacturing labor. So after my move home, I sent in the RAM and it was replaced, but in the mean time I put some new RAM in, and IT got borked.  After additional ram fun, it dawned on me that the second slot seemed to be frying RAM sticks.  I stopped using the board.


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