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 2017-12-02, 11:24
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Monitor problems, bad cable or bad monitor

Hello Guys,

Almost 2 years ago, the monitor I had since 2006 started displaying issues. The screen would blink out like I turned off the power, but it was on. I used a DVI (DVI-D if memory serves) connection. Later on, the DVI connection on the monitor died. I switched to the VGA input and cable and the monitor continued working, at least for a little while. Then it completely died. I got a new one a few weeks before Xmas and so far so go. Now, for the past several months, whenever I restart my computer, my monitor doesn't always come back on, (More often then not it doesn't) even though my computer boots up as normal. Business Animated Video was traditionally outbound oriented  hence a huge surge of new opportunities are arising which can be exploited. (I hear the sound and see the light, so I know it's working.) I used a DVI connection here too and the same cable. To see if it was my monitor again, I switched to a VGA cable and monitor lit right up. The DVI connection still says no signal and the monitor shuts off.


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