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 2017-12-11, 08:37
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where can I post my stuff to get some feedback ???

I am new to this and looking around for help. I am practicing motion graphics in Ae, but there are no forums where I can post my stuff to get some feedback. So I'm stuck at a level, where I cant go further. Is there any other active forum where are people who could make some comments on my posted short text/logo animations? I want to create a simple Corporate Motion Graphics animation for some products and texts.The final output would be on the web or TV.Is After Effect what I need?
My work won't be as good as them. Just want to create something like that.I though of using Premiere but this is more movie editing software .I went through many resources and also checked many Corporate Motion Graphics animation but did not find any solution.Please help me out.

Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you.
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